G Refresher Lesson

Are you ready for your G Licence Road Test?

At Out Driving School we want you to feel confident behind the wheel before your road test. We understand it’s possible you may have developed some bad driving habits over the past year few. Don’t worry, the driving instructors at Our Driving School will get you back on track with this 90-minute lesson! We’ll take you through the possible test routes including driving on the highway and help prepare you for your G road test (G2 Exit).

We’re here to help restore your confidence before your final road test to become a fully licensed driver!


Did you know you have the option to use an Our Driving School educational vehicle for the G2 road test?

What to expect in your 90-minute Refresher Lesson:

Our G2 Exit Road Test Lesson includes a complete review of the skills that are necessary to pass your G test.

  • Safe highway driving including entering, exiting and lane changes
  • Review use of mirror & checking blind spots three-point turns
  • Left and right turns at small and large intersections
  • Parallel parking skills
  • Emergency roadside stops
Tips for passing your G test

The following is a list of things you will be expected to know the day of your G2 Exit Road Test:

  • Proper lane use
  • Proper observation skills
  • Mirror use
  • Blind spot checks
  • Appropriate space management
  • Approach and procedure followed when left-turning at large intersections
  • Roadside stop
  • Highway driving
  • Parallel parking & 3-point turns
  • Proper lane change procedure
  • Defensive driving throughout the test on public streets, roads, and highways

HINT: Increase your chance of passing the MTO road test by using a vehicle you’re familiar with. Our Driving School vehicles are available for a nominal fee.

Our Driving School also offers:
  • Appointments to suit your schedule
  • The ability to book your G2 Exit test for you
  • Pick up and drop off at a location convenient for you
  • The use of an Our Driving School education vehicle for the road test (for a fee)

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