Driving in the winter


Our Driving School is proud to offer a Winter Driving Course for individuals who would like to better their winter driving skills.

Whether you’re new to the winter roads or looking to improve your winter driving skills, Our Driving School offers a driving course in Sault Ste. Marie to help you become a safe winter driver. The Winter Driving Course will take place in the back parking lot behind Great Lakes Honda.


The Winter Driving Course is subject to current weather conditions. We want you to learn in the harshest of Northern Ontario winters! We will notify students interested in the course 1-week prior to it running.

Please fill out the form below if you wish to be notified of the upcoming Winter Driving Course:

Flexible options for any driver

In-car, 3-hour lesson with a certified instructor to become aware of potential hazards and learn driving habits which minimize the chance of winter collisions.

Why would I need a Winter Driving Course?

  • Feel confident with winter driving & rules of the road
  • Help develop skills and reflexes
  • Learn the right techniques and how to better control your vehicle
  • Adjust to all weather and road conditions

Hey YOU! Are you looking to refresh your skills for an upcoming road test?

Gain the confidence and benefits of a refresher lesson with our G2, G and Senior Refresher Lessons. Our instructors will:

  • Assess your driving abilities and assist in preparing you for a successful road test.
  • Highlight areas in need of additional practice, refresh your vehicle operation skills, help reduce your anxiety, and boosts your confidence.
  • Review the components of what the examiners will be testing you on.

The 60 or 90-minute review lesson has proven to be extremely beneficial for individuals who need extra practice before doing their road exam. All lessons are one-on-one and can be arranged directly with the instructor or by calling 705-253-0929

Join our course now by registering online, calling or visiting our office!