Meet our Team

The team at Our Driving School cares about the success of our students and aims to create safe and knowledgeable drivers that will help lower accident rates and make the Algoma District a safer place to drive. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. We provide real-life examples and challenges you may face every day on the road and how to navigate safely around them. You can trust Our Driving School to provide guidance and the knowledge to become a confident and safe driver.

Mary Jane Lewis

Licensed Driving Instructor | Administrative Assistant

Mary is our Administrative Assistant and one of our Driving Instructors. The thing she loves most about her position is meeting all the students and families. She enjoys seeing each student grow and become more confident in their driving abilities. The excitement she shares with our students when one of them succeed is genuine!  In her spare time, she enjoys being creative, learning and spending time with her grandchildren and granddogs. Mary is a kind and fun addition to our team. Be sure to say hello the next time you’re in the office!

Debbie Smith

Licensed Driving Instructor

Debbie is one of our more experienced Driving Instructors. Debbie teaches both in-class and in-car lessons. She enjoys knowing that with her guidance and assistance, her students will become safe, knowledgeable & confident drivers behind the wheel. Aside from teaching our New Driver’s Course, Debbie also is performs the in-car assessment for the Skill Builders Program and is the lead instructor for our Defensive Driving Course & School Bus Driving Improvement Course (SBDIC).

Bob Nisbet

Licensed Driving Instructor

Bob has been part of the Our Driving School team for over 8 years. He is both an in-car & in-class instructor. Prior to being a driving instructor, Bob taught teens for decades at Sir James Dunn. He loves his job as an instructor because he still gets to enjoy the feeling of watching one of his students excel! Bob is a dedicated instructor who helps his students achieve their driving goals by giving them the confidence to pass their road test the first time! We’re grateful to have such a knowledgeable and fun team member who just wants the best for his students! Outside of work, Bob really enjoys sports, music and volunteering.

Dick Wall

Licensed Driving Instructor

Dick worked in the financial sector all his life until his retirement. He later approached Our Driving School to teach people to drive properly, safely and most importantly defensively. He hopes to make a difference in peoples lives by teaching them to be confident while driving. Dick is an avid gardener.

Mona Burns

Licensed Driving Instructor

Mona has been part of the Our Driving School team for over 6 years and enjoys teaching teens the rules of the road and helping them feel confident behind the wheel. The reward of teaching is seeing her students joy as they pass their road test. In her spare time, her and her husband enjoy fishing, camping, horseback riding and long walks with their dog Cooper.

Ellen Eddy

Licensed Driving Instructor

Ellen brings with her over 20 years of experience as a Driving Instructor. Ellen enjoys teaching the classroom portion of the Beginner Driver Education Course and believes that it should be an interactive, fun & educational experience for all attendees! Ellen enjoys knowing through her instruction, students are becoming safe & confident drives behind the wheel. She really focuses on teaching the importance of how defensive driving is one of the most important skills you can learn as a driver. On her off time, Ellen loves to spend time with her family and play pickleball!

Tim Howson

Licensed Driving Instructor

Tim Howson brings with him 40 years of experience as an instructor. Tim is one of the most experienced instructors in Ontario.  He is certified in all aspects of driver education and works with corporations, individuals and educational institutions to increase traffic safety. He is most interested in the development of new programs which reflect the changing technology in transportation.  In his off time he enjoys golf, motorcycles and spending time with family and friends — especially his new granddaughter.

Saber Alkilani

Licensed Driving Instructor

Saber is our newest bilingual driving instructor! Saber came to Sault Ste. Marie from Egypt and enjoys the beauty of the city and the surrounding are! Saber has found the Sault to be very welcoming and loves the friendly and open-minded people! He is both fluent in English and Arabic, which is exciting news for our International Students! Saber looks forward to helping young drivers learn the rules of the road and grow confidence in being safe drivers. In his spare time, he enjoys reading a good book, cooking and playing soccer.

Andrea Ayotte

Licensed Driving Instructor

Andrea joined our team in 2019 being new to the industry. She was drawn to becoming a driving instructor because of her strong passion to help make our roads safer for all drivers. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, wildlife and insect photography. She finds her job extremely rewarding to not only have her students pass their road test; but teaching them to be safe and confident drivers. Knowing she made a difference in their driving lives makes her happy.

Alex Lemay

ATV & SXS Driving Instructor

Alex is our professional, Canada Safety Council (CSC) certified ATV / UTV training instructor. He started taking his ATV to go up and down the camp road with his father when he was about 5-6 years old and began riding by himself at 9 years old. Alex is also a Powersports Products Advisor at Great Lakes Honda. He owns a 1984 Honda TRX200 and enjoys dirt biking, fishing, hunting and camping on his off-time. Alex also enjoys teaching and watching others learn new things, especially if those skills can save a life later on.

Alex spent 7 years working as an OMNR Fire Ranger and holds safety skills and training in high regard. Through proper rider education, he enjoys knowing that trails can be made into a much more enjoyable and safe place to ride for everyone! Alex believes that new riders should learn skills in a controlled setting, and uses his personal experiences to add value and perspective on the importance of rider safety to those he teaches!

Francine Floreani

Our Driving School Owner

Since her beginning in the car business at the small dealership on Great Northern Road to the new, large and modern present location of Great Lakes Honda, Francine has brought a new spin to the car buying experience for her customers. Being the only female car dealer in a normally male-dominated business, she knows exactly what it’s like to overcome challenges.

In recent years, Francine looked to expand her knowledge in the automotive industry with the purchase of Our Driving School. Since purchasing the business in 2018, Francine and her team have acquired Howson Driving School, built a brand-new state-of-the-art facility and purchased an entire new fleet of safe vehicles for students to drive. Francine enjoys bringing the “fun back to learning how to drive” and believes that at Our Driving School, this is something that students appreciate and enjoy. In true Floreani fashion, she saw this opportunity as a way of making people smile!

Bringing her excellent skills of customer service along with her values on transparency and community involvement, she has proven that customers are indeed appreciative of how they are treated when learning how to drive. She is always delighted to meet new students and is just as excited as they are when they pass their driving exams and become an #ODSGrad.