International Students Driving Course

Drive safely in Ontario

You know you need a driver’s licence. You may have a temporary International Drivers Licence, but when that expires you will have to be tested to get an Ontario Drivers Licence. The driving laws in Ontario are probably quite different than what you are used to, and it is important to learn them so you can drive safely. This is why we have a course designed specifically for you.


Private Driving Lessons

Are you an experienced driver and confident in your skills? Consider private driving lessons!

  • one-on-one driving lessons
  • evaluates your skills and determine if you are ready to pass your driving test
  • provides recommendations for more lessons
  • allows you to rent an Our Driving School vehicle for the test
  • bilingual instructors available

Beginner Driver Education Course

Our Driving School provides a Ministry of Transportation approved Beginners Driver Education Course.

  • includes 20 hours of in-class learning time, 10 hours of one-on-one in-car training, 10 hours of independent study
  • completion allows you to get your G2 licence at 8 months rather than 12
  • graduates may be eligible for an insurance discount
  • bilingual instructors available

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We care about the success of our students, and we want to you to feel safe behind the wheel in your new country. We aim to create confident and knowledgeable drivers that will help lower accident rates and make Algoma District a safer place to drive. This begins with new drivers – like you – getting the best instruction possible at the beginning of their journey.

Join our classes now by registering online, calling or visiting our office!