Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving Course (DDC) is an established corporate, proven program designed to produce:

  • fewer company-vehicle collisions
  • less absenteeism due to injuries and court time
  • life-long safe driving habits
  • lowers liability for insurance

Our Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

The Defensive Driving Course is for employees who drive either a company vehicle or their own vehicle on the job. Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety.

When a company driver is involved in a crash, insurance rates can increase drastically. The Defensive Driving Course has the potential to yield fewer collisions to company vehicles which will help control insurance costs. The Defensive Driving Course will benefit all employees who have a driver’s licence. DDC is designed to teach your employees how to drive safely.

Course outline

Here is a list of the core modules and a choice of optional modules that can be taught within six hours;

  • Case studies and written exercises
  • Interactive class discussion
  • Specific techniques to help drivers avoid all types of traffic collisions despite the actions of others or the driving conditions
  • Drivers learn the principles of defensive driving and essential collision avoidance techniques
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