Meet Your Classmates

Let us introduce you to your classmates!

Ce-Ce the civic

The Student President

Hey, I’m Ce-Ce but you already know that now don’t you!

If you live under a rock you won’t know that I’m student council president here at  Our Driving School but let’s hope that’s not the case! That basically means I keep all the rest of these crazy cars in line and run the show around here and I LOVE IT. I would love to sit and chat but I’m off to the Civic Centre you’re looking at the future major of this town.

Photo Taken: Civic Centre


Axel the accord

The Prep

The names Axel and yep believe it or not I do know what an Axel is. I am pretty into cars and building and fixing things up if something is broken odds are I’ll fix it. I love playing basketball and football, also love science classes and chilling with the boys. People tend to tell me that I’m like the “heart” or “pride and joy” of the school but I really hate that and would love for it to stop…but I think it’s also kinda true haha!

Photo Taken: Great Lakes Honda

Luna the insight

The Artistic Hippy

Hi-ee I’m Luna, you can find me in my hybrid car #savetheplanet cruising around town picking up all of YOUR trash, don’t forget to pick it up next time. I enjoy watching clouds, sunsets, and just embracing nature. You won’t catch me hugging a tree but I’m almost there.

Photo taken: Hiawatha Highlands


Felicia the fit

The Mean Girl

Catch me if you can! These things are silly and I don’t even know why they are making me do it UGH! Well not that you care (but you should) I’m Felicia, and I like not going to class, not listening to my teachers, and not walking away with any information. See you on the flip LOSERS.

Photo taken: Starbucks

Gosling the Fit

The Small Towner

Hey der eh, I’m Goslin’ and no the names not Ryan… I don’t understand why people always ask me that.  I live up north eh uh up der in Wawa, you know where the Goose is from. Most of the time you’ll find me out for a rip with the boyz on my boat or snow machine. Take me to Timmies for a triple triple and ill be happy.

Photo taken: Wawa Goose Statue

Fitbit the fit

The Activity Junkie

Hi, I’m Fitbit and no not like the activity tracker however maybe I should pick one of those up. Anywho, I enjoy running and participating in many activities where I can meet lots of new people and learn new things. I would say sign me up for your group but I’ve already signed up for 12… and I can’t wait! 

Photo Taken: Hub Trail

Blitz the Fit

The Jock

Hi, I’m Blitz you don’t know it yet but I put the OOM in BOOM. Basically, I am the star player on my team even if they’ll tell you I’m not, you know how it goes. Find me at the centre of attention or nowhere at all. I’ll be gone in a blink of an eye if you are not fast enough to catch me.

Photo taken: John Rhodes Community Centre