G2 Road Test Refresher

Are you Ready for Your G2 Road Test?

If you are like many first-time drivers you are probably feeling nervous about your G2 road test (known as your G1 Exit). Our Driving School offers a G2 Refresher Lesson to help you prepare for your road test!

The program at Our Driving School is designed to ensure that when it’s time to take your road test, you’ll be prepared and confident in your abilities. Our instructors are there to coach you and guide you to becoming a confident and safe driver.

The G1 Exit road test is the most difficult part of getting your driver’s licence. While it will take a lot of practice and preparation to get ready, knowing what to expect will help.


Did you know you have the option to use an Our Driving School educational vehicle for the G2 road test?

What to expect in your 60-minute Refresher Lesson:

  • Review use of mirrors, checking blind spots and three-point turns
  • Left and right turns at small and large intersections
  • Parallel parking skills
  • Hill parking
G2 Road Test Tips
Tips to passing your G2 Road Test:
  • Practice or take a private Refresher Lesson with Our Driving School
  • Use a vehicle you’re familiar with (or you can use an Our Driving School educational vehicle)
  • The test starts before you start the car. Adjust mirrors, buckle up and check to make sure all signal lights work.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Check your blind spots
  • Properly position both hands on the wheel
  • Leave room between yourself and the car in front of you
  • Obey all traffic signs and focus on your speed
  • Remember to signal, shoulder check THEN change lanes, if safe to do so
  • Take it slow
  • Come to a complete stop. If the light is yellow or red – STOP
  • Use your parking brake when parking
  • When parallel parking, take your time. Don’t rush it.
  • Parking on a hill with a curb:
    • Downhill: turn your wheel TOWARD the curb
    • Uphill: turn your wheel AWAY from the curb
  • Parking on a hill with no curb: angle your wheel towards the shoulder whether you are parking uphill or downhill
  • Relax, be calm and take it slow!
Our Driving School also offers:
  • Appointments to suit your schedule
  • The ability to book your G1 Exit test for you
  • Pick up and drop off at a location convenient for you
  • The use of an Our Driving School education vehicle for the road test (for a fee)

Join our classes now by registering online, calling or visiting our office!