Courses We Offer

We are proud to offer a Ministry Approved Drivers Education Courses. All courses are taught by friendly, experienced and certified instructors.

Benefits of Driving School

With an approved Drivers Education course at “Our Driving School”, you are eligible to schedule your G1 exit test after only 8 months. A Beginners permit has two phases, G1 and G2. Normally you cannot exit G1 and enter G2 until you have 12 months experience but this is reduced to 8 months with your driver education certificate.

The cost of insurance may be greatly reduced with the completion of a”Drivers Education Course”  from Our Driving School.
Check with your insurance agent.  Students who have completed driver’s education will have lower insurance premiums, because companies actuaries have predicted that people who take drivers education classes will have fewer collisions and speeding tickets.  Ask what the cost of insurance coverage would be with and without driver education.

Safe Driving is Its Own Reward:

  • No injuries to yourself or others
  • No damages or car repairs
  • No tickets
  • Car lasts longer
  • Insurance rates stay low