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Courses We Offer

We are proud to offer a Ministry Approved Drivers Education Courses. All courses are taught by friendly, experienced and certified instructors.

• New Driver Training (see details below)
• Skid Control

• Senior Refresher 

• G1/G2 Refresher & Preparation 

• G2 Exit Preparation and Refresher

• School Bus Driver Improvement
(We offer group rates for School Bus Driver Improvement Courses)

Benefits of Driving School

With an approved Drivers Education course at "Our Driving School", you are eligible to schedule your G1 exit test after only 8 months. A Beginners permit has two phases, G1 and G2. Normally you cannot exit G1 and enter G2 until you have 12 months experience but this is reduced to 8 months with your driver education certificate.  

The cost of insurance may be greatly reduced with the completion of a"Drivers Education Course"  from Our Driving School.
Check with your insurance agent.  Students who have completed driver's education will have lower insurance premiums, because companies actuaries have predicted that people who take drivers education classes will have fewer collisions and speeding tickets.  Ask what the cost of insurance coverage would be with and without driver education.

Safe Driving is Its Own Reward:

  • No injuries to yourself or others
  • No damages or car repairs
  • No tickets
  • Car lasts longer
  • Insurance rates stay low

Course Dates

Apr. 01,02-08,09   2017

Apr. 29,30 - May 06,07  2017

May 20,21-27,28  2017

June 10,11-17,18  2017

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New Driver Training Course Information

We teach a Ministry of Transport approved course which consists of 20 hours of classroom time, 10 hours of independent study from the textbook that we provide, and 10 hours of in-car training. *Please note that there is NO online portion to our courses. When the student completes all parts of the course we will send in the appropriate information so that they will be certified with the Ministry. This is the proof required by the insurance companies that a student has completed driver training.

The instructors are certified teachers and provide an interesting and interactive learning environment. The students will be encouraged to participate in various activities to improve their understanding and to facilitate learning. The classes are relevant to driving in today's ever-changing driving environment. Students will be provided with a textbook for the course and will also be expected to bring their Driver's Handbook with them.

Our 20 hours of classroom training is delivered over 4 days (9 am - 3 pm each day). Our students are active participants in learning about how crashes happen and how to prevent them, defensive/cooperative driving skills, winter driving, front and rear collision avoidance, shoulder recovery on the highway, standard and ABS braking techniques, how to handle emergencies, how to avoid aggressive drivers and people who tailgate and much more.

In our 10 hours of one-on-one in car training, students will learn the life-saving skills they need to recognize risks on the road and respond effectively. We pick up and drop off anywhere in Sault Ste. Marie.

The 10 hours of homework is taken up in class on the fourth day of class and we address questions about their responsibilities and the rules of the road, and the consequences of breaking them.

Students will be required to maintain a 70% average in the classroom and once the 20 hours are completed, he/she will be assigned an instructor for the in-car sessions and will require an 80% average for us to be able to certify them.

Adjustments for students with special needs are happily made. We take pride in ensuring the success of all our students, regardless of age, background, first language, or special needs.

Upon successful completion of this course, we can help you book your road test, arrange for the use of one of our cars for your road test, and pick you up for your road test, you drive yourself to the drive test center  beforehand to relieve any nervousness.  If you want a refresher, we can arrange it to pick you up in plenty of time prior to your road test to practice. Call us for costs and availability. 

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Need to budget

Can't afford Drivers Education in one payment.  Call Our Driving School and ask for Darlene, she will help you with a payment plan that works for you.  Cost is $619.47 + $80.53 (hst) = $700.00 

Refer a Friend

Take advantage of " Refer a Friend", Already a student of Our Driving School, refer a friend to register with us and you will save $10.00 off the cost of the car for your road test. We pick you up before your test and drop you off after. (No one will have to take time off work to bring you to your appointment)

Bring a Buddy!

Take advantage of our Buddy System so that both you and your buddy saves! Register with a friend and you both can save $15.00 on your "Ministry Approved" Beginner Driver Education Course! *This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.